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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

20 Ideas for using WORLD CLOUDS

I love using word clouds in the classroom. If you've never heard of them take a look at mine below, and check out these free sites Wordle and Tagxedo. You can create them to show kids, or have students create their own word clouds. Whatever you choose, here is a list of ideas on how you ro your students can use word clouds:

1.Introduce a new topic
2.Introduce new vocabulary
3.Visual Prompt, create sentences/stories from words
4.Practice oral reports (reading words vs reading report word for word)
5.Copy/paste news article, tweets, - have kids try to figure out what's going on from words
6.Include names of people/events- have kids guess the time period or historical event
7.Have kids create one to summarize/describe a person, place, time period, event
8.Encouraging creative writing from words (character, setting, mood descriptors)
9.Focus on one word- synonyms, antonyms, rhyming, alliteration, related words
10.Teach prepositions Table, Door, Book, Bed, Pillow, Boy (nouns in word cloud)- have the kids make sentences; The bed is by the door. The book is under the pillow. Great for ELL students!
11.Matching Spanish and English (kids find the pairs)
12.Do all of the above with different languages
13.Use Active Expressions handhelds to collate student responses to questions
14.Personal Narratives Copy/Paste for 'Guess Who' game.
15.All About Me words
16.Copy/Paste text from famous speeches, what are the important words/topics
17.Pre-freading- Paste non-fiction words related to book topic, have kids guess a title
18.Copy/Paste two fairy tales, two word clouds-try to guess what they are or the theme
19.Character Traits analysis for book characters or people from history
20.Word Wall online



Tag, you're it! I just tagged you in a game, come check my blog to find out about it! :)


I like the thought of using a word cloud to introduce both new concepts and new ideas about those concepts. The point in which you are starting with a single word and then building a series of synonyms, antonyms, and maybe homonyms, to compare with that word would certainly help build vocabulary skills.

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